Going Home

Joey and I went back to Texas last week to visit our families since we didn’t get to see them over the holidays. It was a really nice trip and we enjoyed seeing both our families.

We visited with the cows:

We got to watch Daisy prove that she’s a farm dog now:

And we rode the horses:

City Slickers

City Slickers

You might recognize Doc, the darker, taller horse. My parents have had him for about a year now. They recently got another horse named Scooby. Scooby has lung disease and wheezes a lot, but he is a really sweet and gentle horse and I’m glad that he has a nice family to take care of him. I discovered that when he’s trotting and you squeeze your legs to try to keep from falling off, he runs faster like horses are supposed to do when you squeeze their sides!

Doc had an itchy face and found the perfect place to scratch it:




I was a little too busy to get any knitting done. I tried a little, but its hard to carry on a conversation when you’re keeping track of armhole and neckline decreases, all while maintaining a waffle stitch pattern. I hope to finish off the body this week and start on the sleeves…

I think I can count on Henry's help.

I think I can count on Henry's help.

3 thoughts on “Going Home

  1. erin says:

    oh! did henry go home with you?
    that looks like so much fun, and you’re back just in time for below freezing weather! fun!

  2. Rebecca says:

    It looks like a great trip – Henry’s a cutie.

  3. hand eye crafts says:

    Daisy as Wrangler is priceless and adorable!!!

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