A Google-Chat With Joey

So I got an email that the color of yarn I ordered for Joey’s Smokin’ Cardigan is out of stock- so I signed onto Google Chat while he was at his recording studio internship to see what color he liked best:

me: can you go to this page and tell me what color you want? your yarn color was out [Here’s a link in case you want to play along]

Joey: Okay lets play a game. you tell me which color you like and we’ll see if we picked the same color.

me: sage is my number 1 choice wine is number 2

Joey: Yeah lets go with sage

me: was that your first?

Joey: Nah girl. I was playing you fool.
For some reason when I look at the small images of the color I can’t decide which one would work best.

me: yeah… me either.

Joey: Cause if I picked my favorite color it might look stupid as a sweater
Maybe we should do bright red cause I like that a lot.
Like the color of my guitar.

me: well, there’s only the one bright red on the upper right hand corner, is that the one? “Red”

Joey: Maybe a little too pinkish
Lets go with your original instinct.

me: but will that be too boring? you could prolly rock “persimmon”

Joey: maybe I could rock Persimmon.

me: what about turquoise? that might be uber hip

Joey: Hey I’m down. You know I’ll wear anything.
I need a good producers sweater.

me: Music producers wear turquoise cardigans?

Joey: This one might

me: You gotta make the final decision. I can’t be held fully responsible for you walking around rocking a turquoise cardigan… 🙂

Joey: haha. I really don’t know. Go with your gut.

me: okay, then it’s gonna be turquoise. speak now or forever wear your bright-ass turquoise sweater.

Joey: Lets do it.

me: lets do it

One thought on “A Google-Chat With Joey

  1. KSD says:

    A doubt seriously that the sentence “You could prolly rock persimmon” has ever been used before in all human history.

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