FO: Infinity Cowl

I’ve had two skeins of this soft Misti Alpaca Chunky in my stash for almost three years.  I always wanted to do something really fun with it, but it had to be just right for the yarn, which is so soft and squishy, its just heavenly.  I decided that a cowl was probably the best way to go due to my limited yardage.

I couldn’t decide on a pattern. I’ve had an idea floating around in my head for quite a while of the perfect infinity scarf/cowl.  I wasn’t really sure how to go about making what I was envisioning, so I searched around for a pattern. Nothing was quite right.

So I decided to just go for it- I cast on 36 sts on size US 15 needles and started knitting a tube.  I knit through both skeins and then grafted the ends together…. and viola!

The perfect infinity cowl was born!

PDF of the pattern here: Infinity Cowl

7 thoughts on “FO: Infinity Cowl

  1. Julie says:

    Looks so pretty!I love the colour you chose, a bright pop of colour is so perfect for winter.

  2. KSD says:

    Absolutely beautiful — you AND the cowl.

  3. heather says:

    it turned out really lovely…the pics are gorgeous!

  4. Julie says:

    Love the color and you pattern.

  5. […] night I cast on for another scarf like project. It’s Kim’s Infinity Cowl. I just love that color she used. For me I’m using grey and white wool that I had made a vest […]

  6. Hope Roybal says:

    I dont really understand how you graft the two ends together w/ kitchner stitch. The cast on end isn’t going to have any live stitches to do a kitchner stitch grafting. Please describe in a little more detail how you got both open ends of this tube stitched together.

  7. […] degrees out, Joey started layering up to take Henry out for a walk and he happened to borrow my Infinity Cowl.  I asked him if he would wear one if I knit him his own, and he said he would.  When someone […]

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