The Fieros

I just wanted to share something that I am very excited about– my husband’s band, The Fieros are currently a Featured Artist (“Indie Spotlight: Heavy Rotation”) on iTunes!  If you want to check out their music you can listen to snippets of each song on iTunes (click here), or download the whole album for pretty cheap.  Joey is the singer and guitar player, and his brother Aaron plays bass and co-writes the songs.  Their drummer, McKenzie is an amazing drummer and has toured with some pretty big acts, including Regina Spektor, St. Vincent, and the band he is currently on tour with, Midlake.  These guys are all really good musicians and really good people to boot.  Plus, they think knitting is cool.

I am so very proud.

One thought on “The Fieros

  1. KSD says:

    As you should be! Congratulations all around!

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