Manly Mitts and Baby Knits

Joey’s 30th birthday was at the beginning of April and I couldn’t let the occasion pass by without knitting something especially for him.

He has been requesting fingerless gloves for quite a while now and I’ve been wanting to try Ysolda’s Garter Stitch Mitts pattern for a while…. so it was a perfect time to cast on. I started on 3/28 and finished on 4/1, knit with Louet Eastport Alpaca which is soft with a bit of a fuzzy halo. Great pattern, pretty yarn.

I’ve also cast on for another speedy project that I am quite enamored with at the moment- the Baby Sophisticate sweater.

I’m knitting this one with Tahki Tweedy Alpaca, which is soft and tweedy and nice to work with. I almost want to cast on a similar sweater with this yarn in my size! I’m so in love with it that I spilled the beans to the parents-to-be last night and showed them pictures of it in progress, and they’re totally thrilled.

3 thoughts on “Manly Mitts and Baby Knits

  1. Julie says:

    Love those manly mitts!! there’s something really pleasing about garter stitch.

  2. Julie says:

    Cozy mitts! Can’t wait to see the finished baby sweater…so cute!

  3. KSD says:

    Excellent knitting karma being built up there!

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