Waiting For Inspiration

Do you ever have that feeling where you want to create something great, but you just can’t seem to wrap your head around what exactly? I’ve been having that feeling the past month or so. Lately I’ve been too busy apartment-hunting, then packing/moving/unpacking to spend much time knitting. But I’ve definitely been thinking about it.

I’m sort of tossing around the idea of designing my own cardigan. And by “designing” I mean just making up a pattern for a basic wear-with-everything cardigan.  Maybe something with a deep v-neck and some waist shaping.   Nothing too complex for my first foray into knitting without a pattern.  I’m still waiting for that “this is it moment.”  Until then, I’m keeping my hands busy with a little warm weather appropriate cotton and a crochet hook.

2 thoughts on “Waiting For Inspiration

  1. Beth says:

    Go for it! You’ll be happy you did. I’ve been knitting for about two years now and have not had the courage to veer away from the pattern yet. However, when I was up in NYC a few months back, I meandered into Knitty City uptown and the kind woman that owns the place showed me the book, Knitting Without Tears by Elizabeth Zimmerman. She explained that it was this book that liberated her away from the patterns.
    Good luck!

  2. KSD says:

    You’ve moved? Hope your mail is being forwarded(!) And, yes, that nagging, “This yarn needs something special” feeling is VERY familiar.

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