Progress on the cardigan was put on hold shortly after joining the sleeves to the body.  Not because I’ve lost interest, but because I was doing some travelling and a ginormous cardigan and sleeves on one needle is just a little too unruly for plane knitting.  I had a request for a wee coffee cup insulator by my sister in law, so I knitted that on the way down to Texas.

Chicago airport, 7:30am

Finished coffee insulator modeled by the always classy Coors Light can

I spent a few days in Texas visiting my family, spending time down on my parents’ cattle ranch.  I had such a blast.

the Fishin Lake

Caught some fish from the lake and stocked them in the nearby pond

Dad and Gus

Dad demonstrating his lasso skills

Joey tries the lasso

Driving into Sandybrook Ranch

Pretty Texas sunset

I also started a hat based on the Ripley pattern by Ysolda while waiting at the airport, and finished it off while I was there.

It was a cute and quick pattern and I am happy with the result.  I used some (discontinued) KnitPicks cadena yarn.  I think I’ll make another one in black.

I really had a nice time and it was the perfect long-weekend getaway.  I also got to see Joey, who had left earlier the same week to spend some time in Texas rehearsing before heading out on a long tour.  He’ll be playing guitar for Midlake, visiting 15 cities in North America and 18 cities across Europe.  Its an exciting opportunity for him and I’m thrilled, but I already miss him very much.

Good thing I have lots of sweater knitting to keep me busy!

3 thoughts on “Travels

  1. KSD says:

    Hat: adorable. Photo of your dad lassoing: breathtaking. Joey’s absence: sad. Me: here if you need me.

  2. Jodi says:

    That looks really fun! The hat looks cozy and cute, too. I’ve been meaning to try that pattern for ages!

  3. aimee powers says:

    looks like you had a blast. There is nothing better the travel knitting. sweater is coming along great too

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