Life As of Late

Fall is in the air in NYC today- crisp weather that just begs for a hand-knit cardigan.  Unfortunately, my cardigan has been languishing around looking like this for over two weeks now:

I knew that my needles weren’t long enough to pick up stitches all the way up one side, across the back neckline, and back down the other side.  So I put it aside and considered my options.  I considered buying the little metal connector piece that KnitPicks sells to combine two cables and create a long cable, but then I didn’t want to pay shipping for something that only costs $1.99.  Of course, I could always buy some more yarn…. but I am really trying to not buy yarn unless I have a specific project in mind.  I considered dropping by a couple of yarn shops to pick up a long circular needle, but again, talked myself out of buying another pair of needles that I don’t really need.  So I started picking up stitches one night just to see how crowded it would get.  Well, you can see where I stopped.  The cardigan has since lay dormant while I await my KnitPicks order (yes, I finally decided that the connector was still the least expensive way to go.)

In the mean time, this fall weather still has me itching to knit things.  I made another Ripley hat, this time in black for Joey:

And speaking of Joey, he’s been out on tour since the end of August, playing guitar for Midlake.  He’s having a wonderful time and playing some beautiful music.  They played in NYC last week and I was so proud of my talented husband.

Joey, in center, standing

In other fun husband-music-related news, his primary project, The Fieros just recently signed a deal with a Japanese record label and their album is now being sold in stores in Japan and on Amazon Japan.

He still has a lot more touring to do- they’re in North Carolina now, heading down through Tennessee and will play the Austin City Limits festival next weekend.  He’ll be back in NYC for a week (which happens to be our anniversary week!) and then he’ll head out again for another three weeks in the UK.  He’s going to get to go to some amazing places that I can’t even imagine getting to see- London, Paris, Dublin, Holland, Finland, Sweden, Luxembourg, Turkey… its just completely unimaginable.

Back to the knitting….  I’ve also started a Wurstwarmer for Henry.  I’m having to size this one up since Henry isn’t a tiny dachshund, but I think this one will come out pretty cute.  I’m using a heathered charcoal color of Peace Fleece.  I think it will be classy and sophisticated.  Cause we all know Henry is one sophisticated hound.

One thought on “Life As of Late

  1. Kim says:

    Love Henry pictures! Great going for Joey, and The Fieros. Aren’t you a little lonely and left out?

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