St Joseph Hat

I wanted to knit Joey something special for our anniversary.  It was supposed to be a surprise but here we are, still a couple of weeks before the actual anniversary, taking pictures for the blog.  I was never very good at keeping surprises.  In fact, I spilled the beans and told him I was knitting it the day after I cast on.

I was just so excited to tell him about it because he had found a hat he liked at Allsaints and I told him I could knit him one just like it.  Then I sat down and charted out a pattern and gave it a go.  It came out pretty great.

The brim can be folded up for a less slouchy look, but this is his favorite way to wear it.  The alpaca in the yarn I used (Blue Sky’s Techno) makes it super soft and warm.

Warmth and love for our ten year anniversary for my dear Joseph.  A saint if I ever knew one.

2 thoughts on “St Joseph Hat

  1. Kim says:

    Are you even old enough to have a ten year anniversary?!


    That you charted out a pattern is so cool. Have you thought about becoming a designer?

    • kimidawn24 says:

      Well, just barely old enough for a ten year anniversary, I guess. I was 20 and he was 21 when we got married! And yes, I am definitely thinking about designing more things in the future. Just gotta get my pattern writing skills up to scratch!

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