The Crafts of Others

Being back in Texas, I am around lots of crafty ladies that I haven’t seen in a while.  I thought it would be fun to share with you some of the craftiness of others around me.

First up is my mother in law.  She recently started making wreaths and centerpieces that are just stunning.  I was the lucky recipient of this wreath.  She let me pick out the baubles and then she whipped this up in an afternoon:

Next up is my sister in law, who started knitting not too long after I did and has also found her place in the crochet world.  One of her specialties is customized amigurumi, and I once challenged her to make a basset hound (Henry, specifically) and she knocked my socks off with this:

And then there’s my Nana, who inspired the beginning all of my crafty endeavors. After reading my blog post where I talked about her teaching me to embroider when I was young, she was inspired to pick up her embroidery needle again.  She very sweetly gifted me a set of pillowcases that I will treasure always:

My mom was also inspired by that same blog post– she found the piece of embroidery that was my first foray into all things crafty.  The piece of embroidery that I wasn’t sure still existed.  I’m sure glad she saved this for me.

I love having inspiration everywhere, and inspiring others in turn.

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