Latest and Greatest

I’ve been embellishing a few of my hexipuffs and thought I would share my latest and greatest of the bunch.


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7 thoughts on “Latest and Greatest

  1. Hard as I try — as often as I try — I cannot successfully duplicate stitch. I am jealous beyond words of these!

  2. Siga says:

    Very very cute!

  3. dorothy says:

    just found your amazing blog via ravelry, i’m morikomidori there.
    i really love your hexi’s and other knitteds and the very pretty decorated eggs too. you are a very talented lady.

    warmest wishes xx


  4. agujasblog says:

    So adorable. I especially like the sheep. That’s alot of detail for a small space!

  5. […] them. In fact, I cast on for a Fairy Castle as soon as I got home from my trip and also started a Beekeeper’s Quilt not too long after that. So as soon as I found out her book was available for pre-order, I snagged […]

  6. Hi, Where did you get the basset hound pattern that you used on these squares? Please le the know!

    • kimidawn24 says:

      Hi there! The basset hound pattern is one I made up on my own based on my doggie, Henry. I certainly don’t mind sharing it though– I’ll email it to you 🙂

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