How To: Plant Cactus Cuttings


I’ve been wanting a few cactus plants for my home as they are super low maintenance, which is my kind of houseplant.  It’s pretty easy to replant cactus cuttings, so I thought I’d share my process.


I gathered some cuttings while I was out visiting my parents’ ranch over the holidays.  My mom and dad helped me pick out the different types that you see above.  You will also want some pretty heavy duty gloves to protect from their barbs.

I read online that a cutting needs to develop a “callus” at the cutting site before you replant it, otherwise it is likely to rot.  I left these cuttings out for a week for that purpose.  Then I filled my terra cotta pots halfway with slightly damp soil, and gently placed each cactus cutting into the soil and held it upright as I poured additional soil around the base of the cactus.  I lightly watered the rest of the soil after filling the pot to the rim and there you have it:  rugged greenery for your home.


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