Gettin Zippy With It

I’ve been working on a design for a little zig zag bag since before Christmas and I’ve been putting off the finishing- sewing in a zipper and a fabric lining.  I have to admit I have always been a little intimidated by finishing things.  You spend so much time knitting something and if you do a shoddy job at finishing, it can ruin the whole thing.  (See here for the story of the Five Year Sweater that literally sat around unfinished for years because I was too afraid to sew in the sleeves.)

Well today, I armed myself with needle and thread and just dived right in.



I unzipped the zipper and pinned one side of the tape to the inside edge of the bag and just stitched away.  Then I pinned the other side and stitched that down too.  And lo and behold, I sewed in that entire zipper in with no major catastrophes.



Now on to the lining!  And finishing up the pattern I’m writing for this 🙂

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