Made by Hand: No Knead Bread

no knead bread

I baked a loaf of artisan bread this weekend using the no-knead bread recipe by  Jim Lahey, via NY Times and my new enameled cast iron dutch oven that was a gift from my sister and mom. It smelled amazing while baking and it turned out pretty good, but not perfect.  The recipe calls for the dough be left to rise on a flour-coated cotton towel for the last two hours before baking, and then you overturn the loaf into the dutch oven, freeing it from the towel.  When I did this move, the loaf  was still a little sticky and suck to my towel, mis-shaping it a little and creating a big mess out of my kitchen towel.  I think maybe I needed a little more flour in that step, but I’ll certainly look forward to trying this recipe again next weekend.


One thought on “Made by Hand: No Knead Bread

  1. Jodi says:

    Doesn’t the bread turn out great! I actually used too much flour last time, and ended up with kind of a dusty loaf. I may try using cornmeal next go-round.

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