A Day at the Beach

lake photo

We have some friends in town, Johan and Anna who are visiting from Sweden. Johan is here to record an album at Redwood and Anna is here visiting the states for the very first time. While the boys spend their days making some really beautiful music in the studio, my friend Felicia and I are doing our best to make sure Anna gets a good glimpse of Texas while she’s here. This weekend, we found ourselves sitting on the beach of a lake that felt like an ocean.

We packed ourselves into the car; I squeezed in alongside Anna, Felicia, and our friend Shayla and her two littles and we started making our way north towards the lake. It was a classic Texas summer day—bright blue skies with gorgeous white clouds and the feel of the hot hot sun on your skin. Anna had her camera out during most of the drive, snapping shots of the horses and cows that were grazing the pastures that lined the small farm roads.

We arrived at the swimming beach and made a quick dash to the water which was the perfect temperature for cooling off in the heat. Tons of bright umbrellas were staked in the sand and lots of excited swimmers were having a blast and splashing around on colorful inflatables. Kids were laughing, dogs were barking and families were grilling food and enjoying the sunshine.

Our day was full of so many fun memories: we swam out to the buoys, we caught a rogue dolphin inflatable and we grossed out when our toes touched the mossy rocks on the lake bottom. We made up silly water games and laughed really, really hard. And at the end of the day, we drove home sandy-footed and waterlogged and with that sleepy-happy feeling that comes from a day well spent with good friends.


PS- if you have some time, be sure to check out Johan and Anna’s websites linked above.  Johan has an amazing voice and writes beautiful songs and Anna is a very talented painter who recently had her work on exhibition at the Louvre.

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