What I’m loving lately

Not much to show on the what-I’m-knitting-lately front.  If you picture  1.5″ of 1×1 ribbing for the start of a hat, there you have it.  I did want to pop in and share a few things I’m loving lately:

Knitter Badges by True Brit Knits


These appeal to my Harry Potter loving, wishing I had grown up going to a British boarding school wearing badass blazers self.  I imagine this would be a pin that most people wouldn’t bother looking close enough to even read the words on the pin… except for other knitters!  I love finding kindred spirits in this world, and having a cute little preppy pin to make that even easier is right up my alley.


This Top-Down Poncho by Pickles


I love the relaxed look of ponchos, but end up feeling ridiculously impractical anytime I’ve ever attempted to wear one.  They either make it impossible to raise your arms, or make you look like you are wearing a blanket.  This one with its nicely fitted sleeves seems like a poncho I could handle.


These Rice Baskets from Fringe Supply Co.


Admittedly, I love everything in the Fringe Supply Co. shop, but these baskets are on my “must get soon” list.  I love that they fold over on themselves to create nice little bowls and can quickly transition to a yarn tote.  I think they’d be perfect for bringing a project to the beach, or for carrying anything to the beach to that matter.

One thought on “What I’m loving lately

  1. KSD says:

    All three are wonderful. I didn’t know about Fringe Supply until you talked about it; they do have terrific things.

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