Stripy Socks

You made it!  Thanks for visiting me at the new place, I really hope to make it feel more like home soon.  In that vein, lets move on to the knitting:


mmm... stripy goodness

mmm... stripy goodness

I finished the first of Joey’s Stripy Socks, and have made minimal progress on the second sock

I’m chalking it up to two things:

  • I started a new job last week.  Yes, my three and a half month vacation had to end.  (And not a moment too soon, financially!)  I’ve been trying to adjust out of my sleeping-till 10:30 routine and get used to sitting in a chair for 8 hours again.  Knowing that my knitting is in my purse that is sitting just a foot away and the fact that I’m working again means I can buy yarn again keeps me happy.
  • I have been teaching my brother in law (Aaron) and roommate (Eric) how to knit!  Last night we went to the yarn shop around the corner and they both picked out some yarn for scarves.  We ended up going with New England Highland 100% wool yarn, which the store owner suggested, in green and brown for Aaron and in green and black for Eric.  I promise to show pics once they get a few more rows done.

6 thoughts on “Stripy Socks

  1. hand eye crafts says:

    The sock looks tremendous — the heel, in particular, rocks.

    Good to know there are more needles clicking in Brooklyn. Best of luck to all.

  2. Josh says:

    Love Is All You Knit! I love it.

  3. Jodi says:

    Those socks are perfect for fall! I like your new digs, and congrats on the new job.

  4. kasileigh3 says:

    cute socks. Makes me want to finish my pair with that very same yarn.

  5. erin says:

    hahahaha thats amazing.
    i was there yesterday too!
    i spent too much money in there.
    almost done my socks… i’ve been on a mission. the yarn store is having a sale on sock yarn!! and rowan silk/bamboo yarn 50% off! go get some!

  6. erin says:

    p.s – my phone was stollen today. sad. my internet is also off, so… i’ll need you to text me your number again. but not for another 6 hours maybe. haha.

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