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Stripy Socks The Second

A while back, when I was about halfway through the swallowtail shawl I was presented with a knitting conundrum. I was getting ready to leave for a weekend trip to Vermont with a big group of friends, one of them being a new knitter. I didn’t want to bring the swallowtail shawl, cause I can’t exactly knit lace from charts and socialize at the same time without making mistakes. That was the perfect excuse for me to cast on for some no-nonsense stockinette stripy socks!

The yarn is Vesper Sock, and I’ve had it for quite a while. I probably bought it back in my yarn-binging days of 2007. I’ve knitted socks with this yarn before (a pair for Joey- blue, red and brown stripes) and now its my turn to get a pair of stripy socks. I’ll be doing an afterthought heel on this pair as well, which I think is the best way to do a heel with self-striping yarn.

The afterthought heel is super easy- when you get to the point where you want to start the heel, you knit half the stitches on one round with waste yarn (the yellow line of stitches in the pic above). Then, after you’ve finished the leg, you remove the waste yarn and put the live stitches back on your needles and knit the heel. (I just decrease like you would for a toe, and it comes out pretty well.)

And just so you can see what was going on outside my window while I was snapping sock pics on my dirty windowsill:

Trash Day!

Books, Dogs, and Knitting. Three of my favorite things.

I went to see the Yarn Harlot’s book reading last night at Barnes and Noble with Erin.

Sorry, it’s kind of hard to take a one-handed iPhone photo!

We knitted, we listened and we laughed.  It was a great time and now I have another book to read!  Reading is part of the reason that I’m still not finished with these dang socks.  (That… and the fact that they’re guy socks which are inherently bigger than the normal sock.)  

Yes, I’ve been sucked back into reading a lot and really enjoying myself.  Some of my recent reads:

Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, all by Stephenie Meyer: I highly recommend these books- I’ve gotten my sister and my mom to read them, and my sister in law just bought the first one the other day.  My favorite of all the books is the first, though I didn’t really like the way the series ended.  I read all four of these hefty books in the period of about one week- I couldn’t put them down.

Two of the Women’s Murder Club Series by James Patterson: 1st to Die, and 2nd Chance.  Both of these are about a group of four women who help each other solve horrible murders and help each other with life’s problems.  They also happen to be good page-turners to keep you busy on the train.

 Marley and Me by John Grogan:  Joey was browsing a bookstore and picked this one up for me.  It was definately cute, but it made me miss Daisy and Henry.

Speaking of dogs…. HENRY’S COMING TO LIVE WITH US AGAIN in a little over a week!  If you don’t know the story- when we moved to Brooklyn we had to leave the dogs back with my parents in Texas because our landlord wasn’t sure he wanted us to have pets.  Well now that we’ve shown him that we’re good tenants he’s allowed us to bring a dog.  We’re just bringing up Henry at first cause he’s a little easier to handle: he doesn’t cry or howl when you leave the house and he doesn’t try to bite strangers.  Plus I know Daisy is living the life and being spoiled rotten by my parents.  Seriously- she and my Dad have bonded and she waits patiently next to him every morning while he eats breakfast and he always saves the last bite for her. Not to insinuate that Henry’s not being spoiled- he definitely is getting the free run of the house and farm. He’s even gone down the road a few times to meet the neighbors (another reason why he’s the one we’re bringing up first.)  I can’t wait!


Having lived most of my life in Texas, I’ve been a little weary of my first winter up north. Last week we got a small tidbit of fall-like weather, with the nighttime temps dropping into the 40-degree range.  I thoroughly enjoyed feeling the crisp air on my face while walking to the train station in the mornings, though I could also feel the crisp air whipping through my thin slacks. In the back of my mind I started to worry about how my walk to work would feel when it got really cold.  The first time I visited New York it was in early February and it was bone chillingly cold, no matter how many layers I had on underneath my coat.  During that trip, all the “New Yorkers” I saw seemed to be nice and toasty underneath their quilted down jackets and it stuck out in my mind that that is the kind of coat you need when you live up north.

Then yesterday I was out shopping when two guys pushed a rack full of coats onto the corner in front of the store I was exiting and started shouting, “Get your coats, Burberry, London Fog, Kenneth Cole, right here, ten dollars each, won’t last long!” and women started swarming the rack.  I had been looking for a coat all day, eyeballing a long black down-filled one at Urban Outfitters for later purchase.  (Once I had saved up the $218 it was gonna set me back.)  I squeezed in with all the other crazed women and found to my surprise, a coat almost exactly like what I had been looking for.  It was a size small, from Express and I grabbed it and handed the guy a ten dollar bill.  He balled my new coat up and put it in a black plastic bag and shouted to the surrounding crowd, “Another one sold, get your coats right here, Burberry, London Fog, Kenneth Cole!”

When I got home, I tried it on for the first time.  It is a little bigger than I was expecting, especially for a size small.  The bottom two feet of the coat can be zipped off for a shorter coat if desired.  It is very warm and when I wear it, I feel like George Costanza in that episode of Seinfeld where he has on this humongous coat and tells everyone, “Its Gore-Tex!”  Later in the episode, he ends up knocking over an entire rack of wine at a shop because his coat is so huge and he can’t get around in the store.  I dunno.  I kind of think I might have overdone it with this coat.  You tell me:

Ghastly Gargantuan or Terrifically Toasty?

Ghastly Gargantuan or Terrifically Toasty?


I might feel differently when its 18 degrees outside and everyone around me is shivering while I’m cozy in my down comforter coat.

And speaking of being prepared for colder weather, Joey’s feet should be nice and warm as soon as I finish his second Stripy Sock:

Hello, I am a cute stripy sock. Please ignore my obvious laddering.

The errant line of blue is where I’ll be inserting the afterthought heel.  Maybe I’ll try to take pictures of it- its really a neat way to do sock heels.


So I’m happily knitting along on Joey’s Stripy Socks, when I come upon this:




Stripy Socks

You made it!  Thanks for visiting me at the new place, I really hope to make it feel more like home soon.  In that vein, lets move on to the knitting:


mmm... stripy goodness

mmm... stripy goodness

I finished the first of Joey’s Stripy Socks, and have made minimal progress on the second sock

I’m chalking it up to two things:

  • I started a new job last week.  Yes, my three and a half month vacation had to end.  (And not a moment too soon, financially!)  I’ve been trying to adjust out of my sleeping-till 10:30 routine and get used to sitting in a chair for 8 hours again.  Knowing that my knitting is in my purse that is sitting just a foot away and the fact that I’m working again means I can buy yarn again keeps me happy.
  • I have been teaching my brother in law (Aaron) and roommate (Eric) how to knit!  Last night we went to the yarn shop around the corner and they both picked out some yarn for scarves.  We ended up going with New England Highland 100% wool yarn, which the store owner suggested, in green and brown for Aaron and in green and black for Eric.  I promise to show pics once they get a few more rows done.