R2D2, Where Are You?


Hanging out with Chewie, of course!

Quite a while ago, my friend Josh was perusing his Google Reader and came across a post about a knitted R2D2 Beanie that was all the rage among a certain genre of folks. My friend, being a male born in the late-seventies couldn’t resist, and forwarded a link to the pattern to his knitting friend (me). I promised to knit him one, and then waited 10 months or so before I finally decided to bite the bullet and kick this thing out.
Thoughts? Well, I’m not very pleased with the duplicate stitching. This pattern requires you to do quite a bit of it. My inner perfectionist-knitter has a small problem with the way the color underneath peeks out here and there, but I’m sure any non-knitter could care less. (Stranded knitting was also an option which I tried the first go-around. I kept those strands extremely loose, but they weren’t loose enough to stretch over my head and I knew they wouldn’t stretch enough to fit over Josh’s 23 1/2″ noggin.)
I am pretty pleased with the KnitPicks Swish Superwash yarn I used. This is my first time working with it and it was perfect for this project: soft and machine washable. Exactly what a guy needs.
Would I knit this hat again? No way. Not because of the pattern or anything, but just cause it was a pain in the ass. Only for Josh.

4 thoughts on “R2D2, Where Are You?

  1. Josh says:

    This is the very best thing that anyone has ever done for me.

  2. hand eye crafts says:

    I was going to say that Josh had better be grateful, but I see that he is. . .

    Awesome job! I’ve never tried duplicate stitching, but know I wouldn’t have the nerve to start out on something like that. True genuflections your way.

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