Injuries, Apples, and Breakfast Cereals

Injuries first:
A week ago today we started out the morning with a few bloody marys. There is a dog-friendly place around the corner that has a great DIY bloody mary bar as well as fun board games, so we all decided to stop in for a stretch. I had my first experience playing Apples to Apples, and I highly recommend it. After we had our fill of vodka drinks, we headed home for a bit to enjoy the rest of our day. I took Henry by the leash and decided to take him for a bit of a run.  We sped off and then circled back to the group.  Henry decided to circle right in front of me and the leash tripped me.   Joey and Aaron had been standing outside wondering what the heck I was doing, so they got to see the whole thing as it happened: my right knee took the brunt of the fall, then I fell onto my right side and slid a few feet while Henry was still running.  I just lay there on the cement for a minute and listened to Joey and Aaron freaking out about what had just happened.  They ran over to me and helped me up and I just bent over in a large amount of pain, but also laughing really hard cause I knew how silly it had looked.  I ended up with road rash on my hip and my shoulder, a bruise on my left ankle, right elbow and right knee.  The knee bruise was the worst.  I was limping for two days and it is still tender to the touch a week later:


DB Strikes Again!

Then on Friday, Joey was walking around on Bedford Avenue looking at something across the street, and walked right into a road sign.  It hit him right on the ear and he was kind of stunned for a second then he just kept on walking, hoping nobody saw what just happened.  A few minutes later he felt something dripping down his ear and it was blood.  I don’t have a picture of it, but it got him right on the upper edge of his ear.  It actually took a small chunk of cartilage off!

Okay, now that I’ve grossed you out, on to breakfast cereals: When I was little, we used to always have a box of Kellogg’s Shredded Wheat on hand. I liked the frosted kind but you had to eat it quickly before the milk disintegrated all of the frosting. Otherwise, you were left with soggy, wheaty, mush. I started a new scarf the other night and the yarn color is reminding me of frosted shredded wheat cereal:


Frosted Whole-Grain Goodness

5 thoughts on “Injuries, Apples, and Breakfast Cereals

  1. erin says:

    oh that scarf looks cute! i like the yarn, its really pretty colors.

    i have another batch of friends in again but, they leave tomorrow. we should get a drink or something this week.

  2. erin says:

    p.s – i’m sorry about your injuries, and i love apples to apples.

  3. hand eye crafts says:

    Joey’s injury is funny. Yours isn’t. Explain that.

    Did Henry offer any assistance at all?

    Feel better!

  4. Rebecca says:

    Ouch! Your knee looks horribly painful. On the other hand, the scarf is beautiful – I love the colors.

  5. kasi says:

    Your knee is horrible! I like the scarf, it is a shredded wheat!

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