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Paris, pt. 2

If you missed it, you can read part one here.

We woke up the next morning and hopped back on the bus to head across town for a radio performance.

The show consisted of a short interview and a few live songs performed in front of a studio audience. One of the other wives, Fiona was in town and she and I decided to slip out for a little bit of sightseeing while the guys did their interview. We walked around, meandering our way towards the Eiffel Tower. It was such a bright and sunny day and I was speechless for a few moments before I asked her to take my picture.

I knew our time in Paris would be pretty busy- Joey was there to work, after all- but the only ‘must do’ item had just been checked off my list and so Fiona and I headed back to the station just as the guys were wrapping up their performance.

Afterwards, we all hopped back on the bus and across town again to the studios of Canal Plus France, where the guys would be filming an episode of ‘Album de la semaine.’

I stood in the wings of the theater and watched their performance. Their harmonies sounded so wonderful, despite three of them fighting off sore throats and failing voices after being on the road for three weeks and performing two to three times each day. I watched the audience’s reactions and I welled up with pride for my talented husband and our talented friends. To spend your days traveling the world and making wonderful music that brings other people happiness is a very good thing.

After the performance it was a quick goodbye as the guys were heading on overnight to Belgium and I had a plane to catch in the morning. My years living in NYC served as good training for venturing out on my own in Paris, back on the metro to find my hotel for the night. I stayed in the St Germain district and sadly didn’t get to explore it very much as it was getting late and I was really looking forward to a hotel bed and a good night’s rest before my long journey home. I took the RER to the airport the next morning and while waiting on the train with my luggage in hand, a French woman about my age asked me something I couldn’t understand. I explained that I didn’t speak French and she quickly switched to English, asking if this was in fact the train to the airport. I confirmed that it was, and instantly felt a little more calm and collected. If I could look like an in-the-know Parisian instead of oozing tourist vibes, then I guess my two days in Paris served me well.

New Pattern: Wood, Stone, Straw & Bone

wssb main

When I designed this shawl, I was inspired by the colors of wood, stone, straw, & bone- colors that are a reminder of nature’s perpetual beauty and of our own transient presence on this earth.


The Wood, Stone, Straw & Bone shawl is worked flat from the top center out, increasing each right side row to gradually form a triangular shape. The finished size can be easily adjusted by working more or less rows of the main color sections.

The pattern can be purchased via instant Ravelry download HERE or you can visit the Ravelry pattern page to add it to your favorites or queue it HERE.


Sport weight wool yarn – approximately 453 yards/414 meters total (328 yards/300 meters of the main color and 25 yards/23 meters of each of the five stripe colors)

Sample shown in Cascade 220 Sport (100% Peruvian Highland wool; 164 yards/150 meters/50 g) in the following colors:

• Main Color (MC): 8010 Natural

• Stripe Color 1 (SC1): 4002 Jet

• Stripe Color 2 (SC2): 8400 Charcoal Grey

• Stripe Color 3 (SC3): 4010 Straw

• Stripe Color 4 (SC4): 8012 Doeskin Heather

• Stripe Color 5 (SC5): 9408 Cordovan

US 6/4.0 mm 32”/80 cm (or longer) circular needle (or size needed to obtain gauge)

Stitch marker

Tapestry needle for weaving ends

Crochet hook size G/6/4-4.25 mm for attaching fringe to the shawl


19 sts by 35 rows = 4”/10 cm in stockinette stitch

Gauge is not crucial but will affect finished measurements and yardage


40”/101.5 cm wide along top edge and 20”/51 cm long from the top to the center point, not including fringe


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Redwood Studio

In May, my husband Joey and our good friend McKenzie started renovating an old garage workshop with the plan to turn it into a recording studio. It was the ultimate DIY job- an insane amount of hard work done on a shoestring budget. So much time and work went into the construction of this studio and with the help of some amazing friends and family, Redwood Studio has finally come to be.  I’m excited to share these pics of it with you.

The Fiver

Well hug your hanks and snuggle your skeins because I have a surprise finished knit to show you!  May I present The Fiver:

When it comes to a sweater that was five years in the making, all I can say is that this baby has some stories.  I cast on back in March of 2007,  thinking it seemed like a million stitches since it was also my first time working a big project with fingering weight yarn.  I knitted slowly through the bottom portion of the sweater over the next few months, but eventually got bored with it and put it aside for newer, easier-to-finish projects.  When we moved to NYC that next summer, it was boxed up with my yarn and made the journey with us.

I pulled it out of that box just after Christmas 2008, at a time when all I wanted to do was knit on something, but I couldn’t afford to buy yarn for new projects.  It was our first winter in New York, and it was a cold one.  I remember sitting next to a space heater with Henry, knitting away at the sleeves, wondering if I would ever finish it.

I did finish the sleeves that winter, but I was never happy with my attempts at seaming and kept ripping it out.  The sweater and sleeves went back into a box and were ignored for many more months.  Again, they were boxed up with my yarn and made the journey with us back to Texas last fall.

I was chatting with a fellow knitter one day at work and happened to mention this project that  I was always agonizing over in the back of my mind, that sweater that was completely finished except for a few buttons and some shoulder seaming and she just looked at me and said “I’ll seam it for you.”  And sure enough, she did.  And just like that, this sweater that I had put so many stitches, so many hours of my life into was finished.

I used to be more of a product knitter than a process knitter, but it seems the tides are turning.  I really like the idea of looking at a knitted piece that took a long time to complete and remembering all the moments of my life that have been knitted into every stitch.

FO: Baby Hipster

When we moved to NYC two years ago, we met a lot of new people. Meeting people is always fun and exciting, but eventually you start to figure out who your real friends are; those people who are genuine, who would do anything for you cause they are really, truly, good people. Our friend Chris is one of those genuinely good-hearted friends. And when I found out he and his lovely new wife Maricar were expecting a baby boy, I knew I had to kit something for this special baby.

Pattern: Baby Sophisticate by Linden Heflin
I’m calling it the Baby Hipster, cause this baby will be growing up in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Yarn: Tahki Yarns Tweedy Alpaca, 3 skeins
Needles: US 10 1/2 circs and dpns

I think it turned out really great. The pattern was straight-forward and simple and the yarn is nice and soft and tweedy!

FO: Joey’s Smokin Cardigan

I finished this sweater a week and a half ago, but was only just now able to photograph it.

Smokin Front

I’m pretty pleased with the way it turned out.  I had to fudge the pattern numbers, as the smallest size yielded a 42 1/2″ chest, and Joey wanted a pretty slim fit.  I cast on 130 stitches with the goal of a 36″ chest allowing for a bit of negative ease in order to achieve the slim fit.

smokin back2

This was a great, quick-to-knit pattern that was very easy to follow.  For the yarn, I chose Cascade 109 Tweed in a bright turquoise color.  I think it’s a cool, funky cardigan that will keep Joey warm this winter.

Smokin Front2

The other day, Joey emailed me a link to this similar sweater by Ben Sherman.  He said the one I made is “waaaayyy better.”

Smokin Pockets

I completely agree!

Pattern: Smokin’ by Jared Flood of BrooklynTweed

Yarn: Cascade 109 Tweed LE

Needles: US 10 1/2″ Knitpicks Harmonys

Started: May 09

Finished: September 09

Coming Together

So here’s my progress on Joey’s Smokin’ Cardigan:

smokin body and sleeves

(that tiny white thread running across is a dental-floss lifeline!)
I’ve joined the sleeves and am now doing a few decreases, and will move on to doing my first saddle-shoulder! (I should probably read up on how they are actually constructed so I won’t be confused…)

Once I finish off the shoulders, I’ll pick up those stitches that are being held by the white waste yarn and knit a garter-stitch button band that forms a shawl-collar.  I can’t wait to finish this one!


I just love it when I see someone knitting in public, especially when I spot them knitting on the subway. Funnily enough, I’m usually too embarassed to knit on the train. Every time I try it, I always look up to see about five different people watching me. I dont know why this should bother me, but as a lifelong-shy-person I typically avoid doing things that draw attention to myself.
The other day, I sat down on the train and right across from me was this lady, knitting a beautiful moss-stitch and cabled garment.


It looked like she was knitting two fronts of a sweater simultaneously on straight needles. I was so excited by this knit-spotting that I kinneared her. (I kept her face out of the pic cause I wouldn’t want random strangers taking pics of me and posting them online.) Seeing her knitting on the train made my day.
Then yesterday, Joey emailed me this:


a guy knitting on the train! Even better knit-spotting! I’m not sure what he’s knitting here, but I give him props for taking advantage of good knitting time and not worrying about what other people think.
I was inspired by these knitters and decided I would give knitting on the train another go. I knitted on the train on my way home from work, and I knitted on my way to work the very next day. Both times, I looked up to find people watching me, but I kept going. I mean, I watch the people I see knitting on the train- so maybe, like me, the watchers are genuinely interested in what I’m making. And maybe, just maybe, another knitter who is too shy to knit on the train will see me knitting and be inspired to give it a go.

Another good thing that comes from knitting on the train? Visible progress! I have two completed sleeves now:


smokin sleeves

Whoo! This is going to start looking like an actual cardigan soon!

Stitchin and Bitchin

On Monday, I had surgery to have my gallbladder taken out. I was looking forward to a week of laying in bed, watching good movies with my husband, and lots of knitting time. What really happened was a week of more-pain-than-I-ever-imagined, complete inability to sit up, lay down, move my torso, or do anything on my own, and lots of delirious grogginess from the pain medication. I was able to eek out a bit of knitting yesterday, and even more today, so I can tell I am finally on the mend. Phew! Here’s my sleeve progress:

smokin sleeve

Even though its going pretty quickly due to the big yarn and needles, I wish it were going faster. I’m ready to have this baby finished and get some modeled shots. I still have a cardigan to knit for myself before winter gets here. And I was eyeing some noro online today for a kerchief/shawlette….


I’m re-entering the blogosphere after an unintentional break. I don’t really know what happened, I just got really busy and had nothing exciting to blog about.
It’s been slow-going on the knitting front, but I cast on for the Smokin cardigan for Joey and I’m really enjoying the bright turquoise.