Stitchin and Bitchin

On Monday, I had surgery to have my gallbladder taken out. I was looking forward to a week of laying in bed, watching good movies with my husband, and lots of knitting time. What really happened was a week of more-pain-than-I-ever-imagined, complete inability to sit up, lay down, move my torso, or do anything on my own, and lots of delirious grogginess from the pain medication. I was able to eek out a bit of knitting yesterday, and even more today, so I can tell I am finally on the mend. Phew! Here’s my sleeve progress:

smokin sleeve

Even though its going pretty quickly due to the big yarn and needles, I wish it were going faster. I’m ready to have this baby finished and get some modeled shots. I still have a cardigan to knit for myself before winter gets here. And I was eyeing some noro online today for a kerchief/shawlette….

3 thoughts on “Stitchin and Bitchin

  1. Julie says:

    ooh, gall bladder surgery sounds painful! Glad you are on the mend and back to knitting. that sleeve is looking great so far- love the yarn choice.

  2. KSD says:

    Oh, please feel better soon! It’s a shame that days in bed have to be lost to pain, huh?

  3. Preeti says:

    i hope u r feeling much better. Here’s to a speedy recovery

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