Smokin along

A few days ago, I was knitting along on the body of Joey’s Smokin’ cardigan and I asked if I could have him ‘try it on’. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was almost up to the underarms already! I have been ignoring the heck out of my knitting lately, but thanks to the gloriousness of chunky yarn, I’m ready to start the sleeves of this thing. (Then I’ll join them to the body and work the saddle-shoulder shaping.)

I actually went to start the sleeves the same day as I finished the body, but discovered that I don’t own any 10.5 dpns. This came as quite a surprise, cause I thought I owned about two pairs of any and every needle you could imagine. I was still riding high from discovering I was much further along than I had imagined so I decided to cast on a sleeve and work it magic-loop, since I do have two (or three) pairs of 10.5 circulars.


I have to say, I really don’t enjoy magic-looping. I get the impression that a lot of people think it is way easier and less fiddly than dpns, but I feel the exact opposite. This is the second time I’ve started a project using magic-loop and decided to switch back to good ‘ol dpns. I stopped by my lys after work and picked up a set of dpns and I plan to attack the first sleeve tonight. I’m curious to know; which way do you prefer to knit in the round?

Henry has no preference for magic loop or dpns

Henry has no preference for magic loop vs dpns

2 thoughts on “Smokin along

  1. yoel says:

    I’m a big magic loop fan for doing 2 socks or sleeves at the same time, or when the dpns aren’t long enough to hold all the stitches. Otherwise it’s not worth all the tugging and pulling on the circs…

    LOVE the books in the bicycle basket!

  2. Kim says:

    Bike-as-bookshelf is priceless.

    And I still love the tweed yarn.

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