I just love it when I see someone knitting in public, especially when I spot them knitting on the subway. Funnily enough, I’m usually too embarassed to knit on the train. Every time I try it, I always look up to see about five different people watching me. I dont know why this should bother me, but as a lifelong-shy-person I typically avoid doing things that draw attention to myself.
The other day, I sat down on the train and right across from me was this lady, knitting a beautiful moss-stitch and cabled garment.


It looked like she was knitting two fronts of a sweater simultaneously on straight needles. I was so excited by this knit-spotting that I kinneared her. (I kept her face out of the pic cause I wouldn’t want random strangers taking pics of me and posting them online.) Seeing her knitting on the train made my day.
Then yesterday, Joey emailed me this:


a guy knitting on the train! Even better knit-spotting! I’m not sure what he’s knitting here, but I give him props for taking advantage of good knitting time and not worrying about what other people think.
I was inspired by these knitters and decided I would give knitting on the train another go. I knitted on the train on my way home from work, and I knitted on my way to work the very next day. Both times, I looked up to find people watching me, but I kept going. I mean, I watch the people I see knitting on the train- so maybe, like me, the watchers are genuinely interested in what I’m making. And maybe, just maybe, another knitter who is too shy to knit on the train will see me knitting and be inspired to give it a go.

Another good thing that comes from knitting on the train? Visible progress! I have two completed sleeves now:


smokin sleeves

Whoo! This is going to start looking like an actual cardigan soon!

7 thoughts on “Knit-Spotting

  1. Julie says:

    that’s so great !! I love seeing knitters in the wild, too.

  2. KSD says:

    So, you’re feeling well enough to be commuting again. And I’m very much the same about knitting in public. The best thing, I’ve found, is just to dive right in.

  3. Jodi says:

    Love the photos! I think the guys is working on something Harry Potter / Gryffindor-themed. Maybe a hat or one of those really thick scarves knit in the round.

    Hurray for knitting on the train! I love being able to do something fun while in transit.

  4. Kasi says:

    That dude is Aaron knitting.

  5. Helge says:

    Thank´s for this article! It´s the same with me, I am a little shy with knitting in the train but I will give it a try now.

  6. Natalie says:

    I started knitting in the subway some months back and I love it. The progress is amazing and it helps make a dull ride feel so much more productive.

  7. Beth says:

    Thanks for sharing. I have a thirteen year old son who loves to knit but is a bit shy in letting people know about it. I’ll have to show him this post to give him more courage.

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