Knitting, How I’ve Missed You

I finished my Shredded Wheat Scarf the week before Christmas, but I’m holding out until we get our camera back to blog about it. It’s being repaired and will hopefully be back soon.
After I finished the scarf I didn’t really have anything in mind to cast on for right away. (First time that ever happened!) And so I didn’t knit for a few days. It was kind of weird. Three or four different nights I found myself wishing I had something to knit on. I was reading the latest Yarn Harlot book one evening while trying to satisfy the urge, but then after I finished it off the urge was even stronger so I just had to go to bed early. Needless to say, I’ve really been missing my knitting over the past week and a half.
Today I decided that I needed to knit something. I really didn’t want to start a new project cause I don’t have any inspiring yarn at the moment, so an old neglected project got a reprieve.

Remember Thermal?

Remember Thermal?

I can’t believe it’s been a full year since I’ve last knitted on Thermal! I got distracted by socks and other fun knits and this poor sweater was completely thrown aside. I think there’s enough armhole and neckline shaping going on in this part of the pattern to hold my interest this time, though.

Glad to be knitting again!

4 thoughts on “Knitting, How I’ve Missed You

  1. Julie says:

    thermal is an awesome sweater, but it can feel like a bit of a black hole for knitting! I have a couple projects that are languishing beyond the one year mark. I wonder why we do that…

  2. erin says:

    guess who got the harmony needle set for christmas…


  3. erin says:

    guess who got the harmony needle set for christmas…


  4. hunnybunny says:

    Ooh, it’s Thermal. It’s back YAY! You are much better than myself, I gave up all knitting UFO’s this year.

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