Crewel World

When I saw Alicia’s Daisychain ABCs sampler, I fell in love with it. Never mind that I’ve never done crewel-work of any sort and my most recent attempt at embroidery was elementary at best; I instantly decided I had to make one myself. It just seems like it would be the perfect project to work on while sitting in a hammock under a shady tree, sipping iced tea. (Note to self: must find a private shade tree in Brooklyn for hammock-lounging and iced tea-sipping.)

My handmade kit arrived last Friday and I’ve been admiring its sweet contents all week, just waiting for a bit of free time to jump in and get started. Alicia included the cutest hand-drawn instruction sheet of each stitch used, but I’m also finding youtube videos an invaluable source for exactly how to execute each stitch.

Now I’m just wondering if I should continue alphabetically, or just jump around and do whichever letter catches my fancy next?

One thought on “Crewel World

  1. KSD says:

    I’ve never been able to do crewel. I can embroider, but not do crewel. This is so cute.

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