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Daisychain ABC Sampler

The Daisychain ABC Sampler is finished.  I had so much making this, that when I was midway through working on it I kept envisioning all the other things in the apartment I could be putting tiny little crewel-work flowers on.  Poor Joey is going to wake up one day with little daisies all over his pillowcase and not know what happened.

I was so excited when I finished framing it that I hung it up on the nearest nail in the wall.  Its definitely not a permanent home, but that will take a little more planning and moving things around.  For now, I just wanted to be able to share it with you.

Sneak Peek

Every last stitch has been stitched, and the frame has been purchased.  All that’s left is to acquire some additional framing supplies and my Daisychain ABC’s sampler will be complete!

Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait to see the finished product for just a little while. You see, I just don’t have time to pick up those additional supplies and frame this puppy because later this week I am flying to Dublin and then traveling by TOUR BUS (!!) with Joey as he plays guitar with Midlake at festivals in both Ireland and England.  I am so excited to finally get to join him during some of his travels.  I guarantee there will be lots of pictures when I get back and a fully-framed ABC sampler.  Until then, please enjoy a little sneak peek:



I continue to be charmed by my latest project, a crewel-work sampler.  After I complete every line, color or petal, I hold it out and admire how sweet it looks. I’m also enjoying the forgotten memories that this project is bringing forth as I stitch each letter.



When I was a kid in daycare during summer months, they would step up the activities since we were there all day long.  I remember that on Wednesdays we would go to the city pool and swim and eat cherry sours and hot fries.   (That was probably my favorite day of the week back then.)  On other days we would do craft projects.  We had this one teacher, Miss Patti that was really into cross stitch.  I still remember learning how to cross-stitch on a square of orange gingham fabric.  I wonder if I ever finished stitching that sailboat, and what has happened to it over the years.

I also remember my Nana showing me how to embroider a sparrow on a pillowcase a few years after that.  She always had pretty embroidered pillowcases and I think I asked her to show me how on a whim one day, and she did.  Just like the time I asked her on a whim to show me how to knit.  My Nana, she’s a wonderful lady.  I’m starting to realize as I get older how much she and I are alike, and I’m so happy when I come across something new about myself and then look back and see that it was inspired by her.  I wonder whatever happened to that sparrow pillowcase.  I bet my mom has it somewhere in her linen closet.  I’ll have to ask her about it next time I’m there because it’s something I would love to have again.

Crewel World

When I saw Alicia’s Daisychain ABCs sampler, I fell in love with it. Never mind that I’ve never done crewel-work of any sort and my most recent attempt at embroidery was elementary at best; I instantly decided I had to make one myself. It just seems like it would be the perfect project to work on while sitting in a hammock under a shady tree, sipping iced tea. (Note to self: must find a private shade tree in Brooklyn for hammock-lounging and iced tea-sipping.)

My handmade kit arrived last Friday and I’ve been admiring its sweet contents all week, just waiting for a bit of free time to jump in and get started. Alicia included the cutest hand-drawn instruction sheet of each stitch used, but I’m also finding youtube videos an invaluable source for exactly how to execute each stitch.

Now I’m just wondering if I should continue alphabetically, or just jump around and do whichever letter catches my fancy next?