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Insta march

March was a busy and music-filled month.  We kicked things off with the 35 Denton music festival, where Redwood Studios played host to tons of bands over the course of three days, and the next weekend we went to the SXSW music festival in Austin, where Joey played a showcase with Israel Nash. We were introduced to Laura and Israel’s brand new baby and spent a couple of great nights around a giant fire pit while the guys made some great new music.  I went to a fabulous ladies’ champagne and tea party, and knitted a new wooly hat while I was sick in bed with bronchitis for a couple of days.  We also saw the first signs of spring with budding trees, blue skies and an Easter celebration, where I tested out my crafty cooking skills by dyeing Easter eggs and baking bread.  Next up: I’m looking forward to April’s nice weather, Joey’s birthday and getting back into some knitting!

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Naturally Dyed Eggs For Easter

I made a few more naturally dyed eggs for Easter this year using the same method I used last year. For the purple eggs, I used blueberries and for the orangey-brown I used onion skins and a little added paprika.


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Naturally Dyed Eggs

I found a way to make beautiful, naturally-dyed eggs.

Take some small cuttings from around your home- I found lots of clover and little blooms near mine.  Make sure to use small plants that will flatten easily onto the eggs.  I dampened my eggs so that the leaves would stick nicely. Use raw eggs, as they will cook and dye at the same time.

Cut a small square of pantyhose and stretch around your egg, wrapping the excess fabric with a rubber band.

Cover the bottom of a stock pot with the outer peel of a few yellow onions.  Carefully lay your eggs on top and cover with another layer of onion peel.  Add enough cold water to cover the top of your eggs, add a few tablespoons of vinegar and a few shakes of paprika.  Heat until just barely boiling- you don’t want your eggs moving around too much, and simmer for fifteen minutes.  Remove from heat and let sit for another fifteen minutes.  Rinse with cold water and carefully remove the wrappings.

Share with someone you love and take time to notice the beauty that this time of year brings.

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