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St Joseph Hat

I wanted to knit Joey something special for our anniversary.  It was supposed to be a surprise but here we are, still a couple of weeks before the actual anniversary, taking pictures for the blog.  I was never very good at keeping surprises.  In fact, I spilled the beans and told him I was knitting it the day after I cast on.

I was just so excited to tell him about it because he had found a hat he liked at Allsaints and I told him I could knit him one just like it.  Then I sat down and charted out a pattern and gave it a go.  It came out pretty great.

The brim can be folded up for a less slouchy look, but this is his favorite way to wear it.  The alpaca in the yarn I used (Blue Sky’s Techno) makes it super soft and warm.

Warmth and love for our ten year anniversary for my dear Joseph.  A saint if I ever knew one.

The Trip

I landed early morning in Dublin

and visited the Book of Kells at Trinity College.

Then just meandered around the town

and enjoyed the beautiful sights

and some of Ireland’s other pleasures.

I was picked up by Joey and the band in the TOUR BUS

and we arrived at the festival grounds in County Laois

And enjoyed all the backstage amenities for the bands.

And I enjoyed a fabulous show.

We travelled by night across the Irish Sea and into morning across the stunning English countryside.

I spotted the black sheep amongst a bunch.  (Can you see him on the far right?)

Then I enjoyed another fabulous show

and we hopped back on the tour bus and travelled overnight to wake up in London.

We enjoyed the sights in London for the next two days.

It was the trip of a lifetime to get to see my husband play some fabulous music in front of thousands upon thousands of people in two amazing countries.  Now we’re home, spending lots of time snuggling with our Henry who we missed dearly, and getting back into the swing of life in NYC.  I picked up some framing supplies for my ABC sampler and some yarn for a new project today. Fall is in the air and I’m ready to get some wool on the needles.

Sneak Peek

Every last stitch has been stitched, and the frame has been purchased.  All that’s left is to acquire some additional framing supplies and my Daisychain ABC’s sampler will be complete!

Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait to see the finished product for just a little while. You see, I just don’t have time to pick up those additional supplies and frame this puppy because later this week I am flying to Dublin and then traveling by TOUR BUS (!!) with Joey as he plays guitar with Midlake at festivals in both Ireland and England.  I am so excited to finally get to join him during some of his travels.  I guarantee there will be lots of pictures when I get back and a fully-framed ABC sampler.  Until then, please enjoy a little sneak peek:



I continue to be charmed by my latest project, a crewel-work sampler.  After I complete every line, color or petal, I hold it out and admire how sweet it looks. I’m also enjoying the forgotten memories that this project is bringing forth as I stitch each letter.



When I was a kid in daycare during summer months, they would step up the activities since we were there all day long.  I remember that on Wednesdays we would go to the city pool and swim and eat cherry sours and hot fries.   (That was probably my favorite day of the week back then.)  On other days we would do craft projects.  We had this one teacher, Miss Patti that was really into cross stitch.  I still remember learning how to cross-stitch on a square of orange gingham fabric.  I wonder if I ever finished stitching that sailboat, and what has happened to it over the years.

I also remember my Nana showing me how to embroider a sparrow on a pillowcase a few years after that.  She always had pretty embroidered pillowcases and I think I asked her to show me how on a whim one day, and she did.  Just like the time I asked her on a whim to show me how to knit.  My Nana, she’s a wonderful lady.  I’m starting to realize as I get older how much she and I are alike, and I’m so happy when I come across something new about myself and then look back and see that it was inspired by her.  I wonder whatever happened to that sparrow pillowcase.  I bet my mom has it somewhere in her linen closet.  I’ll have to ask her about it next time I’m there because it’s something I would love to have again.

Sunday Brunch

Joey and I have opposite work schedules and lately he’s been traveling a lot so when the rare half-day together opens up, we try to take full advantage of it.  Today we went to brunch and just walked around the city hand in hand, enjoying the sights.

Man-finity Cowl

A few weeks ago when it was a blustery 20-something degrees out, Joey started layering up to take Henry out for a walk and he happened to borrow my Infinity Cowl.  I asked him if he would wear one if I knit him his own, and he said he would.  When someone practically begs you to knit them something, how can you resist?


I made this one slightly wider than the original by provisionally casting on 44 stitches.  I knit in the round until the entire thing measured 56 inches in length and then grafted the ends together.  I used KnitPicks Wool of the Andes bulky on size US 15 DPNs.

The result is warm and cozy.  Just what he asked for.


Happy Holidays

A sweater means warmth and love.

May your holidays be warm, bright, and filled with love.

Yarny Dreams

I love a new yarn cake and all of the potential that it holds.

This one will be a great infinity scarf for Joey.  By request.

Life As of Late

Fall is in the air in NYC today- crisp weather that just begs for a hand-knit cardigan.  Unfortunately, my cardigan has been languishing around looking like this for over two weeks now:

I knew that my needles weren’t long enough to pick up stitches all the way up one side, across the back neckline, and back down the other side.  So I put it aside and considered my options.  I considered buying the little metal connector piece that KnitPicks sells to combine two cables and create a long cable, but then I didn’t want to pay shipping for something that only costs $1.99.  Of course, I could always buy some more yarn…. but I am really trying to not buy yarn unless I have a specific project in mind.  I considered dropping by a couple of yarn shops to pick up a long circular needle, but again, talked myself out of buying another pair of needles that I don’t really need.  So I started picking up stitches one night just to see how crowded it would get.  Well, you can see where I stopped.  The cardigan has since lay dormant while I await my KnitPicks order (yes, I finally decided that the connector was still the least expensive way to go.)

In the mean time, this fall weather still has me itching to knit things.  I made another Ripley hat, this time in black for Joey:

And speaking of Joey, he’s been out on tour since the end of August, playing guitar for Midlake.  He’s having a wonderful time and playing some beautiful music.  They played in NYC last week and I was so proud of my talented husband.

Joey, in center, standing

In other fun husband-music-related news, his primary project, The Fieros just recently signed a deal with a Japanese record label and their album is now being sold in stores in Japan and on Amazon Japan.

He still has a lot more touring to do- they’re in North Carolina now, heading down through Tennessee and will play the Austin City Limits festival next weekend.  He’ll be back in NYC for a week (which happens to be our anniversary week!) and then he’ll head out again for another three weeks in the UK.  He’s going to get to go to some amazing places that I can’t even imagine getting to see- London, Paris, Dublin, Holland, Finland, Sweden, Luxembourg, Turkey… its just completely unimaginable.

Back to the knitting….  I’ve also started a Wurstwarmer for Henry.  I’m having to size this one up since Henry isn’t a tiny dachshund, but I think this one will come out pretty cute.  I’m using a heathered charcoal color of Peace Fleece.  I think it will be classy and sophisticated.  Cause we all know Henry is one sophisticated hound.


Progress on the cardigan was put on hold shortly after joining the sleeves to the body.  Not because I’ve lost interest, but because I was doing some travelling and a ginormous cardigan and sleeves on one needle is just a little too unruly for plane knitting.  I had a request for a wee coffee cup insulator by my sister in law, so I knitted that on the way down to Texas.

Chicago airport, 7:30am

Finished coffee insulator modeled by the always classy Coors Light can

I spent a few days in Texas visiting my family, spending time down on my parents’ cattle ranch.  I had such a blast.

the Fishin Lake

Caught some fish from the lake and stocked them in the nearby pond

Dad and Gus

Dad demonstrating his lasso skills

Joey tries the lasso

Driving into Sandybrook Ranch

Pretty Texas sunset

I also started a hat based on the Ripley pattern by Ysolda while waiting at the airport, and finished it off while I was there.

It was a cute and quick pattern and I am happy with the result.  I used some (discontinued) KnitPicks cadena yarn.  I think I’ll make another one in black.

I really had a nice time and it was the perfect long-weekend getaway.  I also got to see Joey, who had left earlier the same week to spend some time in Texas rehearsing before heading out on a long tour.  He’ll be playing guitar for Midlake, visiting 15 cities in North America and 18 cities across Europe.  Its an exciting opportunity for him and I’m thrilled, but I already miss him very much.

Good thing I have lots of sweater knitting to keep me busy!